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River Otter

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River OtterRiver OtterRiver OtterRiver OtterRiver OtterRiver Otter

  • Northwest River Otter tend to be dark brown with lighter faces, throats and bellies. Weighing 20 - 30 pounds and up to five feet long, river otters are sleek, muscle-bound torpedoes.
  • River otter may be present in many types of fresh water bodies, and even in coastal salt water. A reliable food supply is the key. They are primarily an aquatic animal, but are very comfortable on land as well, and can easily travel long distances.
  • River otter primarily feed on fish and crawfish, with shellfish, reptiles, amphibians, aquatic insects, birds, muskrats, and young beavers on the menu. They can consume over three pounds of fish a day, usually eating small fish in the water and bringing larger fish to shore before feeding on them.
  • Their feeding circuit takes one to four weeks to complete, depending on prey availablity along the way. Solitary males can travel much further than family groups before returning again.
  • Their sense of smell is so acute, they can detect fish pond odors far downstream of the water outlet source.
  • River otters will select birthing sites up to 1/2 mile away from water, sometimes under houses and decks, in boathouses and other human structures. In the animal world, denning sites are coveted and reused year after year if possible. In order to break the cycle, trapping and securing the site are often necessary and effective.
  • Fish ponds and hatchery facilities draw otters like a magnet. Trapping and improved exclusion measures are usually the solutions of choice.
  • The otter's propensity to play, along with loafing and defecating on floating objects, creates undesirable and often very expensive problems in boat houses, aboard boats, on docks, and at marina facilities. Exclusion is often not practical in many situations, so removal by trapping is the most practical option.


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