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Carnation, WA   98014
Getting to Know the Community We Serve with with Wildlife Damage Control and Trapping Expertise for Beaver, River Otter, Mountain Beaver, Bobcats, Mink, Muskrats, Nutria, Raccoon, Opossum, Squirrels, Skunks, Bats, and Feral Cats. We Follow Best Management Practices (BMP) for Certified Humane Trapping in the United States as Determined by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and International Treaty Guidelines.


Located in King County, Carnation population was 1,786 at the 2010 census, and 1,823 in 2011.

Before white men came to what is now Carnation, in the 1850’s it was already well populated by the people of Chief Patkanim.  Living here in a large community of at least 16 longhouses, he was the powerful leader of the Snoqualmie and Snohomish Tribes, with influence from British Columbia and Whidbey Island to Snoqualmie Pass.  The Chief eventually ceded large tracts of land in exchange for the reservation location at Tulalip, Washington.

As white population expanded, Carnation was first settled in 1865.  The town is located at the junction of the Tolt and Snoqualmie Rivers, and was incorporated in 1912.  Ever since 1917 the town name has been the subject of local controversy.  Both the State and town citizens have changed the name several times between Tolt, Grand Rapids, and Carnation.  A beautiful, pastoral area with agricultural and recreational land, Carnation was originally known as Tolt when logging and water transportation supported the local economy in 1902.

Carnation is well known for Remlinger Farms: U-Pick, Fun-Ride Park, real steam engine train, animal barn, fresh produce, company picnics, restaurant, and operating rain or shine.

Another fantastic find that you must experience is Camlann Medieval Village. Located four miles north of Carnation, this attraction portrays rural England in the year 1376 complete with medieval banquets, craft shops, medieval entertainers and craftsmen.  Be sure to reserve your feast seating well ahead. (However, according to Google's Diagnostic Page as of 5-6-2013, Camlann's website contains suspicious content. Do not visit this site as it may damage your computer.)

Carnation is also home to Camp Korey, located at the old Carnation Research Farm site.  Camp Korey provides a life-changing camp experience for children with serious and life-altering medical conditions, all at no cost to their families.  Here’s the Camp Korey video you will enjoy watching.

Carnation remains surrounded by rich agricultural land that still today produces crops for the table.  If you fish, bike, hike, enjoy spending time outdoors in spacious parks, or like to U-Pick for your family, Carnation is one of the last towns in the region to be so undeveloped.

Indulge your inner pioneer spirit---listen to your heart, for your dreams await in Carnation.


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Vincent Schoolhouse – 1905
Quaale Log House – 1903
Entwistle House 1912, 32021 Entwistle St
Oddfellows/Eagles Hall – 1895, 3940 Tolt Ave
Hjertoos Farm/Carnation Tree Farm – 1906, 31523 NE 40th St

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