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Eastlake, WA   98102
Getting to Know the Community We Serve with with Wildlife Damage Control and Trapping Expertise for Beaver, River Otter, Mountain Beaver, Bobcats, Mink, Muskrats, Nutria, Raccoon, Opossum, Squirrels, Skunks, Bats, and Feral Cats. We Follow Best Management Practices (BMP) for Certified Humane Trapping in the United States as Determined by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and International Treaty Guidelines.


Look for Trey’s neighborhood overview for this unique community coming in the next few weeks. In the meantime, please enjoy the wonderful links that provide a glimpse into the heart and soul of Eastlake.


Useful Links and Local Features

Eastlake – Thumbnail History

Eastlake – Wikipedia

Eastlake Community Council

Eastlake Neighborhood Blog

Eastlake – Neighborhood Guide

Thinking of Moving Here?

Eastlake – Businesses, Streets and Homes

Eastlake Fourth of July

Scenes from Eastlake

Seattle Works Day 2011:  Project at Eastlake P-Patch

Townhome on Roanoke Available 2013 – Presented by Kip White

Brand New Equinox Apartments in Eastlake

Ticor Title Eastlake Branch Tour

Snow Report from Eastlake 2012

Another Snow Report from Eastlake 2012

Eastlake Bar and Grill

Controversial Eastlake Garden

Surf Guitar in Eastlake on Fourth of July 2010

Eastlake Movie Night 2009

Fairview Avenue Union Harbor Condo Tour from 2011 – Sonny Kwan

Sushi Kappo Tamura Restaurant

Sushi Kappo Tamura Restaurant Guest Reviews

Feierabend in Eastlake Neighborhood

Eastlake P-Patch Expansion – Summer Tour

P-Patch Expansion Tour

Eastlake P-Patch Honey Bee Hive #2 Installation

Lovely Home in Eastlake Near Parks, Local Shops and Restaurants 2012 – Rick Miner

Lake Union Drydock – A Historical Eastlake Neighbor

Luxurious and Modern Eastlake View Townhouse on Boston Street 2012 – Christian Nossum

Eastlake Sunset, Wards Cove 2010

Eastlake’s Neighborhood Night Out 2010

Eastlake Heritage Trees Dedication 2010

January 2012 Snow Storm Time Lapse from Eastlake

Know What’s Below, Call Before You Dig

Pest Control and Extermination Services for Eastlake – Trey Shelton

Bee, Wasp, Hornet and Yellow Jacket Nest Removal for Eastlake – Trey Shelton

Beaver, Otter, Mt. Beaver and Raccoon Trapping for Eastlake – Trey Shelton

Tree Removal, Topping and Thinning – Mike Green

Real Estate Services – Beth Toomey

Real Estate Services – Stephen Saunders

Real Estate Services – Ricklie Stone and Ron Waxman

Real Estate Services - John Deely

Real Estate Services – Michael Ackerman

Real Estate Services – Barbara Clark

Real Estate Services – Terry Miller

Real Estate Services – Marlow Harris

Air Duct Cleaning

Roofing Services

Drainage and Structural Services

Home Inspections – Mark Daughtry

Precision Turf Equipment – Dan Robinson

Handicraftsman Services – Roger McColley

Professional Painting Services – Matt Elam and PJ Clarke

Ballard Ornamental Ironworks, Inc. – Douglas and David Farage

Tom McIntosh Glass and Glazing - Tom McIntosh

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