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Settlers began to populate the eastern shore of Lake Sammamish and inland areas to the east in the 1880’s.  Like much development in the Puget Sound region, people located where there was water, timber, and soon, a railroad.  The epicenter of activity on the Sammamish plateau was along the entire eastern shore of the lake that supported numerous wood and shake mills and later, a notable beach resort.

Several locations almost became full-fledged towns but all eventually faded away in the fog of history along with the major lumber mills as the 1929 depression set in.  Only one mill was later reestablished and went on to make WWII contributions.  The Sammamish plateau proceeded to slumber peacefully for 40 years or more until housing pressure from the west came knocking.

Many new residents in the 70’s and 80’s perceived Plateau living as the ideal escape from population densities on the west side of the lake.  However, an emerging awareness that slowly became apparent to all was that since only one primary two lane road was available to handle all the higher traffic volumes, people knew they had to develop other solutions, and quickly.

Incorporating in 1999 was an important step in the right direction.  Since that time, major road improvements have been completed, more are being planned, and the City has much better control over the details of local growth.  Residents have done a remarkable job of creating a sense of community in a comparatively short period of time, all the while accommodating a 34% increase in population since 2000.

Today, at 46,000 plus residents, Sammamish attracts dynamic, moderately youthful families characterized by higher incomes, and higher educations.  Many have careers in computing and executive management, and are credited with a high patents applied for rate among residents.  The area continues to have higher home values and to see continued new construction.

The City is in the process of creating a Heritage Park for landmark buildings as a community monument to the past.  Notably, the Sammamish Heritage Society has facilitated the relocation of the 1895 Reard House to its new permanent home off 220th Ave. Se on the park land being allocated by Mary Pigott.

Another jewel in the Sammamish crown is the venerated Sahalee Country Club.  Locals can remember when venturing out to the SCC back in 1969 meant bringing your road compass and packing a picnic lunch.  My how things have changed, for today, a mention of Sahalee in international golfing circles brings instant, well-deserved recognition.  It’s best known for hosting the 1998 PGA Championship, the 2002 World Golf Championship, the 2010 Senior Open, and for great rounds of challenging plan amid the evergreens.

Judged by a broad set of factors, Sammamish was recognized in 2007 as the 11th best place to live in the U.S., and again in 2009 as the 12th best place to live in the U.S., and the City is now celebrating being named as Forbes Magazine’s 2012 Friendliest City in America.

Sammamish continues planning its future, and warmly welcomes you to be part of it.  As we change into a modern city, though, so we remain connected to our past---always remember, ever since 1926, you can still get home to Sammamish by turning up the hill at the Gray Barn.


From the Office of the City Communications Manager

The vision of Sammamish is a community of families.  A blend of small-town atmosphere with a suburban character, the city also enjoys a unique core of urban lifestyles and conveniences.  It is characterized by quality neighborhoods, vibrant natural features, and outstanding recreational opportunities.  A variety of community gathering places provide numerous civic, cultural, and educational opportunities.  Residents are actively involved in the decisions that shape the community and ensure a special sense of place.

Accordingly, the city’s Comprehensive Plan, adopted by the City Council on September 25, 2003, is intended to:

  • Maintain a small-town atmosphere and suburban character so that new development will complement Sammamish’s existing character as well as allow for diversity and creativity;
  • Provide a family friendly, kid safe community;
  • Encourage community gathering spaces which invite human presence, arouse curiosity, pique interest and allow for the interaction of people;
  • Establish a unique sense of place for visitors and residents;
  • Respect the character and integrity of existing neighborhoods;
  • Preserve trees and green ways by encouraging the preservation or development of large areas of greenery which provide a visual impact as opposed to creating small areas of unusable residue;
  • Protect and enhance streams, wetlands and wildlife corridors;
  • Maintain a harmonious relationship between the natural environment and future urban development;
  • Create a safe and interesting network of trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding;
  • Establish a park and recreation system that meets the high standards of the community;
  • Provide accessible, quality government service and encourage active, involved citizens;
  • Develop civic and cultural opportunities and experiences.



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