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Two settler families arrived about 1870 from across Puget Sound.  Fortunately for this area, Luke McRedmond was focused on building a town on Squak Slough (Sammamish River), and his fellow pioneer created an inn and a needed network of roads.  Most residents were either loggers or mill workers, while those involved with fishing and hunting had close access to Squak Lake (Lake Sammamish).  In fact, the town was first known as Salmonberg, reflecting the vast numbers of salmon in nearby waters.

The area also had a water connection to Kirkland on Lake Washington, and ferry service from there to Seattle for commerce. The arrival of the railroad in Redmond in 1889 further accelerated the growth of trade in the region.  As more and more timber was removed, open areas were reclaimed by truck farms, dairy operations, and chicken ranching.             

Seattle businessman James Clise built a 1904 Tudor Lodge home where Marymoor Park is now.  It was eventually enlarged to mansion status and remains on the park grounds today.

Over the course of time, the town began realizing the need for taxation for civic projects, so the population of 300 in 1912 decided to incorporate.  Following a long period of small town atmosphere and local economy, Redmond experienced a population surge with the opening of the Evergreen Point Bridge and subsequent extension of SR 520 to Microsoft and Redmond itself.  In 1978, Redmond was the fastest growing city in the state, with population more than doubling between1970 and 1980.

After Microsoft’s move to Redmond, the parade of other new employers began.  Today, Redmond is home to at least 12 major companies, creating high demand for computer professionals and scientific backgrounds.  Microsoft alone accounts for some 40,000 employees and 45,000 contractors on their payroll.

The area’s concentrated creative skill pool is reflected in the very high patents applied for rate, found in Redmond.  Demographically, residents tend to be highly educated, internet savvy and very youthful families, many of whom work close by.  Microsoft’s continued need for computing talent has attracted individuals from around the world.

Today, Redmond is known for its parks, wineries, bicycle trails, arts and entertainment, shopping, great dining, Redmond Derby Days, concerts at Marymoor Park, and was named in 2012 among the top five best places to live in the U.S.  The City boasts the only Velodrome (bicycle racing track) in the state, and has attracted many horse owners who can board nearby and enjoy the many trails available.  Golfers have watched Willows Run Golf Club mature from infancy into the fun and challenging gem it is today.

Traffic for Microsoft, Nintendo and Seattle commuters is benefiting from SR 520 improvements, and the new Evergreen Point/520 bridge is also expected to ease congestion from the Redmond and Sammamish areas.

All in all, it’s a very, very modern world in today’s Redmond.  Chances are it would exceed Mr. McRedmond’s highest expectations for the city he once envisioned on the banks of the Squak Slough.  People here are empowered with a vision, for the products and ideas born in Redmond today will shape the world of tomorrow.  You really can make a difference ----in Redmond.

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Happy Valley Grange – 1909, 19720 NE 50th St, East of 196th Ave NE
Granges were once organizations of considerable political influence.  They achieved rural free mail delivery, women’s suffrage, established coops for farm supply purchasing, and today, are promoting private property rights.
Wiley House – 1916, Made of Stone on Cleveland Street
Clise Mansion – 1904, Tudor Estate at Marymoor Park

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