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After discovery in 1863, coal came out of the ground at Newcastle for nearly 100 years, helping to make this community's mark on the development of Seattle, Washington Territory and even San Francisco. With coal and railroads each helping the other grow, some estimates range as high as 13 million tons were mined at Newcastle to fuel transportation and commerce on the West Coast.

And where there are jobs, there begets a town. European immigrants and workers from China found their way here to work in coal dust and danger, pursuing their dreams. Yes, there was nationality strife and there were bitter labor strikes, but workers either remained at the mine or found their way in time to the historic Newcastle Cemetery.

By today's transportation standards, the effort that went into getting coal just to Seattle was nothing short of amazing. After years of building, a rail route was completed from Newcastle to Seattle that was the investors' answer to higher production. Eventually though, the increased use of petroleum to fuel trains and other coal-substitute uses decreased the demand for Washington coal, and marked the beginning of the end of a proud, grand era for this community.

House #75 is the last of the original 1880 era mining company buildings, and along with the original Newcastle Cemetery are standing monuments from the past well worth your time to visit.

As the Eastside population continued to grow in the early 1990's, both Bellevue and Renton had an eye on annexing the Newcastle area. Like other independent communities of the Eastside, area residents wanted to control their own city destiny and decided to incorporate in 1994.

A bit of analysis interestingly reveals Newcastle has grown at a steady rate averaging only 192 residents per year since incorporation in 1994 (7,000) to 2012 (10,460). While most Eastside communities eventually experienced rapid growth patterns, Newcastle's controlled growth pace has allowed planners the luxury of time to shape the community into its current, desirable uniqueness.

Today, the City is a wonderful mix of small town charm, and dynamic and youthful neighborhoods all close to anywhere you need to go. In fact, in 2011 Newcastle ranked among the top 20 best places to live in the US, and if residential views are your desire, the area's hilly terrain offers many spectacular vistas.

We've recounted some of Newcastle's long past, hard working history but we are fortunate as well, to have witnessed history in the making in our own time.

Since the inception of the City's Parks Commission in 2004, Andrew Shelton has distinguished himself as a visionary civic figure who has made his mark on Newcastle that will be in existence for future historians to write about. As a founding member of the Commission, his leadership as Vice Chairman and Chairman of this body led to the creation of 13 beautiful city parks. Shelton and the Commission also created Newcastle's very popular Concert in the Park series, held on Lake Boren.

After recently announcing his planned departure from the City, Shelton was commended by Mayor Rich Crispo for his tireless work on the Commission. Shelton observed, "I think what I'll miss the most is that in a small way, what we do, what we did, quite often had positive impacts on the lives of our citizens. Should we come back to Newcastle, we'll be able to go to a Concert in the Park and say 'I remember when we created this'. People probably won't believe me when I say I was part of it, but it will be neat to be able to say that."

Individual citizens make cities great, and in turn make America great. Andrew Shelton, his teacher wife Wendy and baby daughter Violet Ann, are headed for Billings, Montana where no doubt he will once again make an unforgettable mark on yet another special community.

I'm so grateful for - and proud of - my son, Andrew Shelton.

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