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At the same time Seattle was taking root, settlers were infiltrating the Eastside area as well.  These people were a very hard working, enterprising lot who endured and conquered virgin lands.  Many were Civil War veterans granted homesteading rights by the U.S. Government.

Coal was discovered in the Coal Creek area south of Bellevue about 1867, and wealth was being accumulated in young Seattle.  Two men of means, William Meydenbauer and Aaron Mercer, looked to the east of Lake Washington to invest in land there and establish settlements in 1869.

Lake Washington’s eastern shore and inland areas were first used for farming and for wealthier family waterfront residences and summer get-a-ways.  The area supplied much of Seattle’s needs for fruit and produce, especially strawberries that grew well in the fertile soil.  Much of today’s Bellevue area was logged off by 1880 and ferry service began about that time.  Still, after a long presence on the Eastside, the local population was only about 400 strong in 1900.

Ever the reshapers of the land, Seattle magnates promoted the value of a connecting channel between Lake Washington and Puget Sound, and in 1917 completed the cut and the Ballard Locks that lowered Lake Washington by nine feet.  Ocean traffic now had access to fresh water and new markets.  Bellevue soon benefited when a fleet of whaling boats were moored there between fishing seasons.

Farming continued to spread ever eastward beyond where Bellevue Square stands today, and remained the primary industry until the opening of the Mercer Island Floating Bridge in 1940.  This connection to Seattle proved to be the gateway to the future, for it was only six short years before Bellevue Square opened in 1946.

Following WWII, land was cheap and many GI’s returned to start families in the new housing areas of Eastgate, Newport Hills, Overlake and Lake Hills.  Hence, the business core of Bellevue prospered and with a population of 5,940 was incorporated in 1953.  With the opening of the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge in 1963, easier access lured even more families to the area.  Bellevue became a bedroom community well known for “gracious living”.

However after 1980, Bellevue entered a new phase of maturity witnessing the transformation of simple suburban living into what is today, a renowned business center as the mainstay of its economy.  With forward-looking planning from 122,737 proud residents in 2011, Bellevue continues to rank as one of the best places to live in America.


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